Saturday, May 9, 2009

im sorry dear

dear i wish that i hve the courage to tell u this but im..... it iz so hadr for me to do this,There are moments That I feel I just can't go on Wishing that you were here
how I wish You holding me close to you and Wispering those words I love you
I love you but baby you're not there Like you were before and there were No words of love to hear anymore. i Can't smile anymore,Is it finally over,I can't wait any longer dear.Do you ever think of me Coz baby can't you see That I'm hurting inside!!All the tears I can't hide and Life is never easy without you baby,I want you to know that I'm hurting inside and The pain is deep inside I can't mend it,Wishing you would come to ease the pain In my heart,Coz lovin' you just hurts deep inside..
im sorry dear.....

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