Thursday, April 16, 2009

W e L c O m E ! !

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the members & readers of Fantastic Four blog. This blog is owned by four peoples. All of us met each other at UiTM Kedah last December =) We never thought that the four of us will be close to each other so soon. I'm glad about that.Wink2** So, we created this blog to share our stories & experiences along our journey of life. So happy reading =)

About me :
- i'm one of the fantastic four member.
- i would like to be known as "Mc Aa" xD since i love McDonalds so much
- i'm just a simple, happy girl who wants to enjoy the life to the fullest.
- i'm the smallest in Fantastic Four.
- Add me :
-nway, saya juga seorang yang gile2..oopss =X

P/S :
this violet font represent my post.
to all Fantastic Four members, fuyoo aa macam excited dowh ada blog ni. saja2 ja buat skema2. introduction ja pun. xD


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